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The app is easy to use and payment is swift. Love it

Adekunle John

Jeroid has never let me down for once. You guys are the best in Crypto trading swears!!! If you want to trade with ease and not get scammed use Jeroid

Racheal Ogu

Jeroid app makes sense sha. I easily converted my Bitcoin to Naira. Una deserve all the accolades

Chidubem Kingsley

I was out and I really needed to exchange my bitcoins to make a payment, Jeroid came through for me.

Adeola Adenike

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How I got attracted to E-commerce business and launched JeroidNG 5 years ago – Jeremiah Mayowa

Jeremiah’s invention has now become a top platform that trades unused iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play gift cards and the company also engages in cryptocurrency business. According to the founder, his company was founded to createa non existing platforms for cryptocurrency traders in Nigeria do their trading with ease.


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